Fun On The Stage – Part 1

Come travel back in time with us to our stage shoot last December (has it been that long already?!  “Displacement” indeed!).

You’ve seen the timelapse of the set build… and you’ve seen some of the finished work posted on our website… now be the first to see how we got there.  To see part 1 of a two-part behind-the-scenes, click right here


The Displacement Team


A Look Back!

There is a lot that goes into the making of a movie.  Sure, we all know that.  But what does it really take?  We go see a movie on the silver screen and we see amazing performances, flawless editing, and are transformed into another world.  We don’t think about all the work that goes in behind-the-scenes.  There are fifteen-hour days, rain moving in, and the meticulous work that’s required to set up each shot.  We thought we would share some of the fun and hard work that our Displacement team has put in over the last year.  These are never-before seen shots.  Enjoy!



Courtney being silly!

Courtney Hope being silly!

Hard day's work in Malibu.  Yeah, right!

Hard day’s work in Malibu. Yeah, right!

Displacement crew perfecting the set for the next shot.

Displacement crew perfecting the set for the next shot.

Ken is hard at work directing Courtney.

Director Ken working with Courtney.

Displacement crew pulling off a flawless shot.

Displacement crew setting up a shot.

Our Producer Zander is a very serious guy to work with.

Our Producer Zander is a very serious guy to work with.

A Pot of Gold?


You just never know what can happen on a day of shooting.

Recently, we spent a day in Shadow Hills shooting Courtney Hope and welcoming Michael Zhang into the Displacement family.  We had a great day shooting at the Deckard house, with gorgeous background views that seemed like it was right off of a sound stage.  Our shoot was outside, and definitely not on a sound stage!  The dark looming clouds finally opened up and rain started to come down later in the day.  It was perfect timing, we were able to finish shooting inside and no one got too wet.  We all ran outside to enjoy the beautiful rainbow while it lasted.

Lucky Charms coming?  Stay tuned…



Malibu Beach Shoot June 25th

We had an amazing day shooting Displacement a couple weeks ago.  Crashing waves, jutting rocks and sunshine were the backdrop for our shoot at Malibu’s El Matador Beach.  

That said, we are even luckier to welcome Susan Blakely to our cast.  She is playing Cassie’s mother.  As you’ll see, we had a fun day shooting and invite you to take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes we captured.






Hi Friends!  Back in December, the Displacement team took over a sound stage in Inglewood for two weeks and we turned it into a hotel room.  We had a timelapse video camera set up that captured the entire set build in about one minute. Enjoy!


And to see how this turned out on film, you can watch the first 7 minutes of the movie on our website!  (featuring an amazing original music score by composer Gordy Haab (“Behind the Mask”, “Star Wars: The Old Republic”).  Check it out here:

Thanks again everyone!  And stay tuned for more exciting news to be announced soon.

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Great News! We are very excited to welcome the latest addition to our amazingly talented cast: Golden Globe Winner and Emmy Award Nominee Susan Blakely!!

Susie will play Carol Sinclair, mom to Courtney Hope’s character Cassie in scenes that are at the very heart of the film. This will also mark the first time Susie and Sarah Douglas will appear in a film together, though they are long-time friends and colleagues. So making a little history here as well!

Welcome to our family Susie! We can’t wait to work with you.


New Photos from Displacement!

Here are some of the newest photos from the set of Displacement.  All of these were shot during our large blocks of filming that occurred in late 2013.  Check out all the fun we’ve had on set!



Aza taking BTS footage while Ken and Bill prepare for a shot.


Courtney gets ready to move as Ken and Zander prep her for a shot



Ken and Courtney discuss some of the blocking


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An Interview with Ken

As you may have guessed, our director Ken is a busy guy.  When he’s not directing the film he’s likely editing it.  And when he’s not doing either of those, he’s busy producing it.  And that doesn’t even cover all of the fundraising he’s busy doing.  So it’s pretty easy to see why it’s hard to sit him down and chat about Displacement.  Luckily we found an opening during December’s filming.

Last month, as everyone was gearing up for the holidays, all of us here on the Displacement crew got to work on the most significant part of the film.  Ten days of shooting, including finally getting the chance to shoot some scenes with actor Christopher Backus (Elevator, Three Days Gone), who was fresh off of shooting the pilot for the new Lifetime show Deliverance Creek.  Backus had landed back in LA late Friday night and was on the Displacement set Saturday morning.

With a tight schedule like that, Ken, Christopher, and our lead actress Courtney Hope (Prowl, Mob Rules) didn’t get a chance to rehearse.  That wasn’t a problem for our cast.  “They literally dropped into it with no rehearsal,” says Ken.  Though Courtney and Christopher had only briefly met at the launch party for Displacement’s Indiegogo campaign back in June, the two were able to build up a relationship quickly.  Ken says that by the time the two were out of makeup, Christopher and Courtney had transformed into Brian and Cassie.

It’s clear on set that the two actors have an ease with each other, and when the camera starts rolling they have a chemistry and playfulness on set that brings the script to life.  Ken saw the opportunity to sit back and see what happened, “I just let them play.  I let them do their thing.”  He says that sometimes you have to allow for that as the director, that there are certain plot points you always have to make sure are in the script so the movie makes sense in the end, “but the rest of it, for me, I like to let the actors make it their own.  I am more interested in what is beneath the words, their intentions, than the words themselves.”

So what is next for Displacement?  “Raising money,” Ken jokes.  The block of filming in December successfully got Displacement to over 70% in the can, but it was an expensive block, due to the fact that an entire set had to be built.  For Displacement this was absolutely necessary for the script because the hotel room had to be very specific; it required a bathroom directly across from the front door, and that is very hard to come by.  Ken and the Displacement crew found a location, but decided it was easier and more cost effective to replicate the set on a sound stage.  “We’ve been on location for everything,” Ken says, so being on set was a nice change of pace. “It’s still a lot of work, but it’s much more flexible.”

One of the great things about working on a sound stage was that the crew got to set up some complex shots that wouldn’t have been capable on location.  We can’t say what they are, but we can tell you when you see them, you will be amazed.

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