IT’S. A. WRAP!!!

Another grueling yet fantastic final weekend of shooting put Principal Photography behind us! After 2 years, 2 months, and 21 days, filming on Displacement is finally complete! Extra special thanks to our extraordinary cast and crew for kicking ass and enduring long days to help finish this picture. You are all amazing and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Our heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication and sticking it out till the very end. We love you all! Stay tuned as we push into the post-production phase and beyond. The adventure is just beginning.

And happy belated Mother’s Day everyone!

Cast and Crew Comp


Hi Friends. It’s been a long time coming, and now the time has finally arrived: We are very excited to welcome the fantastic BRUCE DAVISON to our cast!
An Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner, you’ve seen Bruce in a million things including the original X-MEN movies and television shows like LOST and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Plus he and Susan Blakely have worked together in the past, so this will be a bit of a reunion for them!

We couldn’t be more pleased. Especially since this now means… wait for it… we will finally be wrapping Principal Photography!! Yes, with the conclusion of filming Bruce’s scenes, Displacement will be officially in-the-can on the way to a planned finish in the Fall.

It’s been quite a journey, and in many ways we are just beginning. The next year promises to be amazing as we prepare for the international markets and festival circuit, culminating in a planned theatrical release here at home in 2016. Stay tuned for more exciting news as we move ever closer to getting Displacement out into the world. And thank you for all your support!

You can check out Bruce’s IMDb page here:


Happy New Year everyone!

So 2014 proved to be another exciting and challenging year for us here at Displacement HQ. Between our efforts to raise more funding, shoot around work-for-hire jobs and other scheduling challenges, we actually managed to get over 95% of the movie in-the-can, were contacted by nearly a dozen interested distributors and international sales agents, and welcomed Golden Globe Winner Susan Blakely to our cast! Not a bad year all things considered.

And as we look ahead to finishing the film in 2015 (money and casting gods willing) here is the first of some exclusive video recaps to highlight what we’ve been up to since our hotel stage shoot. As Aza Allen says in the vid, “It’s Displacement. Awesome.” Enjoy!

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2014 Holiday Card M

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Displacement!
2014 Holiday Card M

As we approach the New Year, we are reminded of all the blessings 2014  brought us (a new behind-the-scenes video is coming soon recapping our filming adventures) and the excitement that is in store for 2015… not the  least of which will be finishing production on the film!  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and it looks a whole lot like a movie projector!

In the meantime, we wish you the most wonderful Holiday Season and a very happy New Year!

All our Best,
Team Displacement

To see our latest trailer and film clips, check out our website here
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Fun On The Stage – Part 2

Check out our latest behind-the-scenes video as we continue to travel back in time to our stage shoot last December, when we wrapped the great Lou Richards and our hotel room scenes.  Part II of this two-part exclusive is right here.
Also you’ll be pleased to hear that we are already getting a lot of distributor interest in the film.  More than half a dozen distribution companies and international sales agents have contacted us recently interested in acquiring the rights and  requesting screenings!  Though the film is not quite ready for market yet, this is very encouraging news and we are opening dialogues with these companies.

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon as many things are cooking.

Enjoy the video!

Team Displacement

Fun On The Stage – Part 1

Come travel back in time with us to our stage shoot last December (has it been that long already?!  “Displacement” indeed!).

You’ve seen the timelapse of the set build… and you’ve seen some of the finished work posted on our website… now be the first to see how we got there.  To see part 1 of a two-part behind-the-scenes, click right here


The Displacement Team


A Look Back!

There is a lot that goes into the making of a movie.  Sure, we all know that.  But what does it really take?  We go see a movie on the silver screen and we see amazing performances, flawless editing, and are transformed into another world.  We don’t think about all the work that goes in behind-the-scenes.  There are fifteen-hour days, rain moving in, and the meticulous work that’s required to set up each shot.  We thought we would share some of the fun and hard work that our Displacement team has put in over the last year.  These are never-before seen shots.  Enjoy!



Courtney being silly!

Courtney Hope being silly!

Hard day's work in Malibu.  Yeah, right!

Hard day’s work in Malibu. Yeah, right!

Displacement crew perfecting the set for the next shot.

Displacement crew perfecting the set for the next shot.

Ken is hard at work directing Courtney.

Director Ken working with Courtney.

Displacement crew pulling off a flawless shot.

Displacement crew setting up a shot.

Our Producer Zander is a very serious guy to work with.

Our Producer Zander is a very serious guy to work with.

A Pot of Gold?


You just never know what can happen on a day of shooting.

Recently, we spent a day in Shadow Hills shooting Courtney Hope and welcoming Michael Zhang into the Displacement family.  We had a great day shooting at the Deckard house, with gorgeous background views that seemed like it was right off of a sound stage.  Our shoot was outside, and definitely not on a sound stage!  The dark looming clouds finally opened up and rain started to come down later in the day.  It was perfect timing, we were able to finish shooting inside and no one got too wet.  We all ran outside to enjoy the beautiful rainbow while it lasted.

Lucky Charms coming?  Stay tuned…